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Download every SMILE resource for free!

If you haven’t seen the SMILE resources you certainly should have! SMILE (Secondary Mathematics Individualised Learning Experiment) resources were produced and used from the 1970s onwards but don’t think that because they are old that their time has passed. There are some wonderful activities and worksheets in the collection. You can now download every one of the SMILE resources from the...


Maths Revision Wordsearches

Consolidation of knowledge is an important part of the learning process. Revisiting topics to recap concepts and ideas is vital to prevent acquired knowledge disappearing into the black hole that is the asymptote of the forgetting curve. If pupils can get themselves up to the higher-order thinking skills of being able to summarise a topic, you know they’ve learned it pretty well....


4 great resources for teaching collecting like terms in algebra

Ever been teaching collecting like terms (simplifying) and just needed 20 questions you could put up on your interactive white board to set the pupils off on? Looking for the questions to be differentiated according to ability and for the answers to be on the next slide? If so, check out this pdf slideshow! Instead of a list of questions,...