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Brainfeed- fantastic educational videos app for kids

I highly recommend you check out the Brainfeed app in the iOS appstore. It is essentially a collection high-quality educational videos about a wide-variety of topics. For example: How does the brain work? Does space go on forever? How can you outrun a cheetah? How big is the ocean? There are mathematically themed videos too. The strength of the app...


All MathsMaster.Org videos now on iTunes!

All MathsMaster.Org’s videos are now available for free viewing/ downloading from the iTunes store! In addition to watching the videos through our website, your pupils can now download and watch the videos on their iPod/ iPhone/ iPad, mobile phone or any other electronic device they have which plays videos! You can find the videos in the iTunes store by either:...


Project MathsMaster.Org

Introducing Project MathsMaster.Org! A website dedicated to giving pupils excellent free videos that they can watch to help them with their maths. The emphasis of the videos is on developing pupils’ understanding rather than just teaching them a method. Videos are deliberately not levelled and certainly don’t mention any fashionable edu-jargon. They focus solely on understanding and quality teaching and learning....