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Derive the trigonometric graphs using spaghetti!

If you’re looking for an interesting way of teaching the trigonometric graphs sine and cosine then you must watch this superb video of an activity to derive them using spaghetti. Chris Smith @aap03102¬†created this activity and then made the cheesy video explaining how to produce the spaghetti trig graphs. Trigonometric Graphs Spaghetti Video¬† Chris publishes a weekly maths newsletter that...


Trigonometry Pile Up!

The idea for this resource woke me up from my sleep at about 4am the other morning! I must have been dreaming about one of Vi Hart’s amazing ‘maths doodle’ videos, in particular the one about The Triangle Party. I’m a big fan of Vi Hart’s Blog and the engaging, fast paced videos she produces. I love the way she...