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NRich July 2012 Poster

The monthly NRich puzzle poster is out. This month it is a nice number investigation into the sum of consecutive whole numbers. Click here to download the poster. You can view and download more of the monthly posters from the archiveĀ here.

Sum Products- preparation for factorising quadratic expressions

A nice starter for a lesson on factorising quadratic expressions is to get pupils finding pairs of numbers whose sum and products are already given. Here’s a worksheet that does just that! From here it’s an easier progression when they see the quadratics. Answers are included on the second page.

Investigating the sum of interior angles in polygons

See below to download some worksheet resources that lead an investigation into the sum of interior angles in polygons. They are deliberately aimed at higher ability pupils who have the initiative to access the posed questions. If you were to run this investigation with a lower ability group you may like to use the polygon worksheets but to get them...