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Famous numbers sequences card sort

Here’s a card sort I made to introduce my new year 7s to famous number sequences.┬áThe idea is students cut out and group the cards into 6 famous numbers sequences: Square numbers Cube numbers Triangle numbers Fibonacci Sequence Even numbers Odd numbers Each group should contain: Name Pictorial representation The numbers A fact about the sequence An explanation of how...


Getting across what an nth term rule is

On Friday I had one of those ‘this is why I went into teaching lessons’ where everything seemed to come together. What made the experience even more satisfying was the fact that if you’d have been there for the first 10 minutes you’d probably have thought that the lesson was well down the path towards crashing and burning. The learning...


Mexican Wave Sequences

A great little game to make sequences fun! Get the pupils into a horseshoe. Put up an nth term rule on the board. They have to do a mexican wave around the horseshoe but as they stand up they have to shout out the next term in the sequence. The first person is n=1, second person is n=2 etc… See...