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Tarsia Whole Class Puzzles

Regular readers of this blog will know what a big fan I am of Tarsia puzzles. If you don’t know what Tarsia puzzles are just visit this page on Craig Barton’s blog for a full explanation of how to get the free software and lots of pre-made puzzles to download. Until recently I had just used Tarsia puzzles as an...


3D coordinates puzzle

The National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics (NCETM) produces some fantastic resources. Here’s one of them! A puzzle involving 3D coordinates where pupils have to use the given clues to find the buried treasure in a 3D grid. Great for a group investigation or a homework 🙂 Click here to download the 3D coordinates puzzle. (After opening...


Tangram Constructions Fun

A huge thank you to Mr S for this wonderful idea! Make a lesson on triangle constructions much more interesting by getting the pupils to create triangles that form parts of a tangram puzzle that they then go on to solve. Wonderful idea! Click here to download the resource


Maths meets fun with interactive online logic puzzle games

The next time you are in the computer room and looking for an alternative to the excellent MyMaths, consider sending your students to these interactive online logic puzzle games. This brand new page on the Great Maths Teaching Ideas website features lots of classic logic puzzle games that promote problem solving and arithmetic skills. The puzzles are supplied by the...


Spice up revision… a general knowledge maths crossword

Looking for an engaging activity for general revision of GCSE maths concepts and vocabulary? This maths general knowledge crossword has served me well and takes most pupils at least one lesson. Alternatively it can be used as a lesson starter where they do ten minutes on it at the start of a sequence of lessons. I’ve found that pupils really...


Curvy Areas- because every maths teacher needs NRich Maths

If you haven’t seen the NRich Maths website where have you been?! It’s a fantastic source of enriching activities. It’s usually my first port of call when I’m looking for ‘something a bit different’ for my own classes. Many of the resources are interactive and look great on the interactive white board. Each month NRich publishes a ‘virtual magazine’ which...


What does the cube look like?

I created this worksheet based on a problem on the excellent NRich Maths website. The pupils have to use their skills of visualising 3D shapes to draw patterns on the faces of a cube net after deciphering where they should go by looking at 3D views of the cube. To scaffold the task an actual cube net is also included...


Making 100

Pupils write out the digits 1 to 10 like this: 1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9   10 The aim is to create an expression that equals 100 by putting as many + – X and / signs between the digits as they like. You might like to demo...


Sudoku Fridays

Start your Friday lessons with a Sudoku challenge for your students! Use it as a starter over a series of weeks and see their progression. Get them to discuss their logical thinking and to explain how they solve the problems. Can they write a set of rules you can use to solve all Sudoku puzzles? Get free Sudoku puzzles online...