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Proportion and percentages as topics have never been so emotive

Every now and then I receive an email from one of my friends or family with a presentation attached. The content of this could be pictures of anything from people doing dangerous things, lucky escapes for aircraft landings to inspirational quotations. Most of the time I enjoy looking at these but would never see a use for them in the...


Curvy Areas- because every maths teacher needs NRich Maths

If you haven’t seen the NRich Maths website where have you been?! It’s a fantastic source of enriching activities. It’s usually my first port of call when I’m looking for ‘something a bit different’ for my own classes. Many of the resources are interactive and look great on the interactive white board. Each month NRich publishes a ‘virtual magazine’ which...


Thoughts on why kids struggle to understand fractions and proportion

I’m at the very beginning of my teaching career. Amongst the day-to-day business of teaching, whilst on my PGCE I spent quite a lot of time thinking about how to break down mathematical ideas into key concepts that the kids could understand and thought about how best to communicate them. I found this time valuable and illuminating as it challenged...