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Buffon’s Needle- a mysterious probability activity

Buffon’s Needle is a wonderful probability experiment you can do with a class that has a most┬ásurprising┬áresult. Out of a seemingly ordinary, unspectacular experiment involving dropping a pencil between a pair of parallel lines, the relative frequency is related to pi! Here is a superb website that explains the experiment and gives a derivation of why the results tend towards...


Experimental probability- bin it

If you’re looking for a nice task to introduce experimental probability, get pupils to throw scrunched up paper balls into the bin from a distance and recording their number of successes and misses. Pupils love this activity and you can get a lot of learning from it: demonstrating something that doesn’t have equally likely outcomes and so requires an experiment,...


Cartoon starter for conditional probability

There are some jokes that only true mathematicians get. My personal favourite is “why did the chicken cross the Mobius Strip?” Answer: “to get to the same side”!!! I tell this to all my top set classes and love it when you see about a third of the class get it, another third pretend to get it because the peer...