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TES Maths Podcast episodes 7 – 9 now live

TES Maths Podcast episodes 7-9  are now live. Episode 7- Flipped Learning and Singapore Maths Join Craig Barton for the seventh episode of the TES maths podcast – your monthly dose of mathematical debate, ideas and resources. The guests this month are two teachers: Colin Hegarty and Brian Arnold. They cover several of their interests, including flipped learning, Singapore Maths,...


TES Maths Podcast 4

The TES Maths Podcast 4 is now live! This month Craig has special guest Celia Hoyles, the outgoing Director of the NCETM. They discuss a wide range of issues including Numeracy Across the Curriculum, the midfield of misconceptions that is Fractions, and the use of technology in maths lessons. Click here to listen to the TES Maths Podcast 4


TES Maths Podcast 3 goes live

This time Craig Barton and his guests from King’s College, London discuss falling standards in maths, advice on running discussion based lessons, and some festive maths ideas. In the attached Word document you will find links to all the resources, ideas and activities discussed, and a link to the Forum discussion as well. Click here to listen to the TES Maths Podcast...


TES Maths Podcast 2 goes live

The second TES Maths Podcast goes live! This time Alison Kiddle of NRich Maths is the special guest as Craig Barton discusses good ways of introducing algebra, rich tasks, ways of tracking pupil progress and more. Click here to listen to the TES Maths Podcast 2


The first TES Maths Podcast goes live!

The TES Maths Panel are delighted to announce the arrival of The TES Maths Podcast! This is a brand new series hosted by Craig Barton, featuring recommended resources, discussions of best practice, conversations with leading educational professionals and more. You can listen to the first episode by clicking here. TES are working on putting the series on iTunes shortly so they...


The Math Factor

The other day, a friend of mine brought an excellent little podcast to my attention called The Math Factor. Suitable for pupils and teachers alike, the 10 minute episodes feature interesting problems and concepts within mathematics. Hilbert’s Infinity Hotel, Algebra on the Radio and Space Walkers; there is something here to engage any mathematically minded person. The show is pitched...


Brilliant BBC podcast series- A Brief History of Mathematics

The BBC have made an excellent podcast mini-series called A Brief History of Mathematics. Each of the short 15 minute episodes presented by Marcus Du Sautoy talks about one or two influential mathematicians and how their mathematics changed the world. Excellent for sharing with your pupils. Click here to download the podcasts from the BBC website Click here to download...


Probably the best blogs by maths teachers around the world

There are some really great blogs out there written by maths teachers who really care about their practice. I enjoy reading their posts as they share their insight and ideas and think about how it could improve my own teaching. There is wheat and there is chaff out there. To save you time in separating the two, I have compiled...