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The impact of using Numeracy Ninjas on the numeracy fluency of Key Stage 3 students in a large comprehensive secondary school

At Wyvern College we have run a year-long research study to assess the impact of using Numeracy Ninjas on the fluency of our 470+ Key Stage 3 students’ mental calculation strategies, timestables and key skills required to successfully access the GCSE Maths curriculum. We are delighted to publish the impact report summarising the statistically significant improvements that Numeracy Ninjas has made to...


Numeracy Ninjas update- 1000 up!

There are now over 1000 schools using Numeracy Ninjas worldwide! See more info and other updates, including the publication of the weeks 21-30 Ninja Skill Books, at this project blog post: 1000 up & Numeracy Ninjas Skill Books weeks 21-30 now live


Numeracy Ninjas end-of-term activities

Looking for a fun mathematical end of term activity to do with your class? Look no further! Numeracy Ninjas Christmas Dodecahedron Bauble Download the bauble template here. Be patient; it’s a few MB! Print the template double-sided so each Ninja graphic has a number on the back. Cut out each section of the bauble and  then glue matching numbers together to...


Numeracy Ninjas

  Today is a rather emotional day for me. The last few years have been an amazing journey learning about effective maths teaching. Steps along the way have included: The problem with levels- gaps in basic numeracy skills identified by rigorous diagnostic testing, Forgetting is necessary for learning, desirable difficulties and the need to dissociate learning and performance, Going SOLO on the journey...


The problem with levels- gaps in basic numeracy skills identified by rigorous diagnostic testing

I have felt for a long time that one of the disadvantages of the current levelling system is that it encourages teachers to constantly teach students mathematical concepts and ideas only at levels equal to or above that which they have recently scored on an assessment.  The data-focused, level-centric system only rewards teachers if their students can  score marks on...