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Algebra Tiles- from counting to completing the square

I have become increasingly interested in visual models recently as a way of introducing topics. Visual models have┬áthe power to illustrate┬áconcepts in their rawest, simplest form without the misleading associations that words and abstract notation can introduce. I’m convinced concrete/visual model introductions should form an increased part of my practice, but the question that interests me is which visual models...


Negative number reasoning with patterns

How do you explain that subtracting a negative has the same effect as adding the positive corresponding number? I’ve seen teachers use many analogies including: Thinking of sandcastles as +1s and holes as -1s… a sandcastle and a hole makes nothing (1 + -1 = 0). Playing golf and you score -2 on a hole, taking your score from -4...


Wanna be in my gang?

A great little game to get kids thinking about types of numbers. Think of a particular type of numbers that you want the pupils to guess. This could be square numbers, cube numbers, triangle numbers, even numbers etc… Tell the pupils that they need to guess a number between 0 and 100. If their number matches your hidden criteria then...