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MathsNet and NRich Maths 3D shape resource heaven

MathsNet have a wonderful collection of 3D shape resources at this webpage. There are a variety of interactive applets that cover 3D shape topics including nets and 2D views of 3D shapes. My particular favourite is ‘Building Houses 2’ where pupils have to build the 3D shape by using the 2D views given. They score maximum points by using the...


NRich Maths March 2011 puzzles are live!

The March edition of the NRich Maths magazine is live now and features some really good puzzles/ activities: The Numbers Give The Design A nice ‘end of term’ activity to create attractive patterns from number sequences. Missing Multipliers A multiplication grid with missing numbers and the added twist of having to use all the numbers 2 to 12 in the...


Curvy Areas- because every maths teacher needs NRich Maths

If you haven’t seen the NRich Maths website where have you been?! It’s a fantastic source of enriching activities. It’s usually my first port of call when I’m looking for ‘something a bit different’ for my own classes. Many of the resources are interactive and look great on the interactive white board. Each month NRich publishes a ‘virtual magazine’ which...