The NRich Countdown Series

Countdown is one of my favourite ways to start a lesson. The wonderful NRich Maths website have created a brilliant set of interactive resources based on the countdown game including:

Countdown (traditional)

Countdown Fractions

Countdown Powers

Countdown Vectors

Countdown Calculus

Countdown Matrices

Countdown Complex

You may not get onto the last three with secondary school pupils but they would be great for A level study. Besides the traditional game, Countdown Fractions is particularly challenging and engaging :-)

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A+ Click- rich puzzles for developing logical reasoning

A+ Click is a new website that provides a vast collection of puzzles and challenges to develop logical reasoning skills in your pupils. You can search by topic or year group, making finding puzzles at your class’ ability easy. Like NRich Maths in many ways, A+ Click also keeps a record of how many answers your pupils got right. Ideal for computer room lessons. Craig Barton has made one of his Webwizz videos that explains all the details:

A+ Click Video

I’ll certainly be using these regularly for starters with classes who I want to show some more initiative in solving problems.

Top notch.

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NRich activity about square numbers- Cycling Squares

Cycling Squares is superb NRich Maths activity to get pupils familiar with the square numbers. The idea is that the pupils get the worksheet above and have to place the numbers into the spaces in the circle. Each adjacent pair of numbers must add up to a square number.

I have used this activity a lot myself and find that pupils often get all the way around the circle only to find the last two don’t add up to a square number! It is a challenging activity that takes a lot of persistence to solve. The nice thing is that this is a true rich activity; even the lower ability pupils can still get going relatively easily and benefit from it.

As ever, answers and teacher notes are available along with the activity on the NRich website.

Click here to view Cycling Squares on the NRich website

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MathsNet and NRich Maths 3D shape resource heaven

MathsNet have a wonderful collection of 3D shape resources at this webpage. There are a variety of interactive applets that cover 3D shape topics including nets and 2D views of 3D shapes.

My particular favourite is ‘Building Houses 2’ where pupils have to build the 3D shape by using the 2D views given. They score maximum points by using the minimum number of blocks possible. By clicking and dragging on the 3D view pupils can spin their construction around in real time to help them with the task.

Building Houses 2 Interactive Applet

NRich Maths have a superb and challenging activity based on 2D views of 3D shapes called The Perforated Cube. Pupils can use the Building Houses 2 applet to help them with the investigation which is based around a  cube made from 125 smaller cubes in a 5x5x5 arrangement. The cube has ‘mini-cubes’ removed to cause perforations. Pupils are given 3 2D views of the shape and have to calculate what is the maximum and minimum number of mini-cubes required to give those views. Highly recommended.

UPDATE: MathsNet seems to be history, but the same links are available from this site: