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The E factor, dynamic pitching and instant feedback

Engagement of students in their learning. The E factor. You know it when you see it; you know it when you hear it. Sustained cognitive effort by students who are working at the edge of their abilities. The engagement we want to see as teachers isn’t about keeping students amused, it’s about keeping them thinking for extended periods of time....

Carrot, stick, both or something else?

How do you motivate students? How do you get them wanting to learn? Carrot, stick, both, or something else? What does the science say? There’s a great video on Youtube of an animation of a talk Dan Pink gave explaining what science says about motivating people. The video talks about motivational strategies within the world of work, getting adults working...

Keeping the work ethic

Thanks to Lewis H for this great idea to keep the pupils on task: To monitor pupils learning, write the time in the margins of a pupil’s book, and then come back 15 mins later to write the new time. No need to say anything! Pupils then have to answer to the evidence (or lack of) in their books!