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MathsWatch spaced-learning revision programme- Edexcel 1MA0

I’ve put together a revision programme based on MathsWatch for the year 11 cohort of 2015-16 studying Edexcel 1MA0 GCSE maths. It is based on spaced-learning principles to maximise retention. This could be used as an additional revision programme to complement weekly practice papers, which are essential in my opinion. It will ensure students systematically visit all topics on the...


The best maths GCSE revision videos you’ll find… CGP MathsTutor

Since March this year I have been making instructional videos to help my pupils with their learning. I have made them available through the mathsmaster.org website and also free in the iTunes Store. This has been a successful initiative with the videos being downloaded over 27,000 times from iTunes alone. The videos filled what I thought was a gap in the market...