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Adding fractions. The Macarena Method!

There are some constants in life. This is extremely reassuring. Like it or not, 100 years from now people will still be complaining about politicians and the government. One other constant will be that children’s uncles will still be embarrassing themselves at cheesy wedding discos, pulling out all their best dance moves to the wince of all their relatives. Whilst not a...


A kinaesthetic approach to teaching loci

This fantastic teaching idea came from Katie K: Found a really good way of teaching Loci for Kinesthetic learners! Give all students in the class a post-it note with blue tack on the back. Then draw a dot on the whiteboard and get them all to stick their post-its 10 cm away from the dot but not touching each other then...


Getting across what an nth term rule is

On Friday I had one of those ‘this is why I went into teaching lessons’ where everything seemed to come together. What made the experience even more satisfying was the fact that if you’d have been there for the first 10 minutes you’d probably have thought that the lesson was well down the path towards crashing and burning. The learning...