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Going SOLO on the journey towards deep learning

The Structure of Observed Learning Outcomes Taxonomy (SOLO) is a notion that describes the stages of learning that students go through to reach a real depth of understanding on a topic. It outlines the journey from surface to deep learning. SOLO is John Hattie’s taxonomy of choice and is currently being studied in depth at his Visible Learning Labs (Osiris Educational...


How do we make John Hattie’s “Visible Learning” work in maths?

Visible Learning is John Hattie’s mantra. I’ve written previously about being a big fan of Hattie’s work about what affects achievement. He’s collected just about every piece of academic research and collated a ranked taxonomy of  factors that affect achievement. Visible Learning is his suggested approach to teaching in a way that incorporates many of the significant drivers of achievement....


John Hattie- Why are so many of our teachers and schools so successful?

I’m a big fan of John Hattie‘s work. Many people have big ideas to improve achievement in education. What makes John’s work unique is that he tells you by how much things improve achievement. In a time-pressured world, what makes his work so useful is that he tells you what to prioritise and focus on, and importantly, what to ignore. I...


John Hattie’s Effect Sizes

A balanced, informative article from the Teach Thought blog about John Hattie’s famous work on effect sizes: Hattie’s Index Of Teaching & Learning Strategies: 39 Effect Sizes In Ascending Order  


The E factor, dynamic pitching and instant feedback

Engagement of students in their learning. The E factor. You know it when you see it; you know it when you hear it. Sustained cognitive effort by students who are working at the edge of their abilities. The engagement we want to see as teachers isn’t about keeping students amused, it’s about keeping them thinking for extended periods of time....