TES Maths Podcast 6 now live

tesThe TES Maths Podcast episode 6 is now live at this link. This was recorded during Craig Barton’s recent visit to Bangkok where he was the keynote speaker at the South East Asian Maths Competition. In this episode Craig discovers what it’s like to teach in international schools and interviews the well know Canadian mathematician, Ron Lancaster. A more in-depth interview with Ron can be found at this link.

As always, the podcast including previous episodes can be downloaded from iTunes at this link.

Episode 7 will be discussing the Flipped Classroom model and the Singapore model of maths teaching and learning. If you would like to contribute to the discussion please leave comments in this TES forum thread.

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The Math Factor

The other day, a friend of mine brought an excellent little podcast to my attention called The Math Factor. Suitable for pupils and teachers alike, the 10 minute episodes feature interesting problems and concepts within mathematics. Hilbert’s Infinity Hotel, Algebra on the Radio and Space Walkers; there is something here to engage any mathematically minded person. The show is pitched beautifully, making it accessible to people of all mathematical abilities. Highly recommended.

Click here to view The Math Factor in iTunes

Khan Academy releases iPad App

The Khan Academy has just released a free app for the iPad. For people unfamiliar with the Khan Academy, it is a website featuring over 2500 free educational videos about a variety of topics including maths, science, art and much more. Salman Khan, the site’s author delivered a superb TED talk last year explaining his vision. Many people who are trying out a Flipped Classroom teaching style are using the Khan videos for homeworks.

The app is good. It is easy to navigate to any video in the Khan collection and logging in with your Khan account details allows you to save your progress. Overall the user interface is well designed and intuitive.

Click here to download the Khan Academy app from iTunes


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All MathsMaster.Org videos now on iTunes!

All MathsMaster.Org’s videos are now available for free viewing/ downloading from the iTunes store! In addition to watching the videos through our website, your pupils can now download and watch the videos on their iPod/ iPhone/ iPad, mobile phone or any other electronic device they have which plays videos!

You can find the videos in the iTunes store by either:

  • Searching for “mathsmaster.org” in the iTunes store.
  • Following this link and clicking “View in iTunes”.

If you click “subscribe”, iTunes will automatically keep you up to date with the latest videos as they go live. If you find time to leave us a ‘customer review’ and a ‘star rating’ it would be much appreciated!

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    Giving rotational symmetry the ‘wow’ factor

    This video is taken from the iTunes Visualiser called Jelly that makes pretty patterns that react in real time to the music that is playing. The patterns produced show rotational symmetry and could be used as an excellent resource in a starter or plenary on the topic.


    Download this video in 3GP format here.

    Download this video in FLV format here.

    Download this video in MP4 format here.