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Quick Graph on iPod Touch/ iPhone and iPad

I found out that all the pupils in one of my year 11 class own a iPod Touch. This has got me thinking about how I can use these wonderful devices to improve the learning of my pupils. When surfing the web one night I stumbled across a graph plotting app called Quick Graph. First impressions are very good and...


All MathsMaster.Org videos now on iTunes!

All MathsMaster.Org’s videos are now available for free viewing/ downloading from the iTunes store! In addition to watching the videos through our website, your pupils can now download and watch the videos on their iPod/ iPhone/ iPad, mobile phone or any other electronic device they have which plays videos! You can find the videos in the iTunes store by either:...


The iPad Infographic

This past year I’ve found that mentioning any of Apple’s shiny wonder-devices really engages the pupils. It mustn’t be overdone but a couple of examples I’ve used include: Designing questionnaires– imagine you have been asked to design the iPhone 5. You need to design a questionnaire to find out what people want in the next iPhone. Percentage decreases– the Apple...