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NRich July 2012 Poster

The monthly NRich puzzle poster is out. This month it is a nice number investigation into the sum of consecutive whole numbers. Click here to download the poster. You can view and download more of the monthly posters from the archiveĀ here.


Using Pythagoras to do up your shoes

I put a request out in the TES forums for ICT resources and lesson ideas. A chap called Kevin Bertman replied sharing many great ideas which are all on his fantastic website e to the i pi. Although it’s not an ICT resource, a superb idea he had as an investigation into using Pythagoras’ Theorem was to use it to...


How Normal is Pi?

I designed this investigation to challenge a high-flying year 9 group to see if they could apply the principles of relative frequency to explore whether pi is a normal number. Normal numbers are irrational numbers where, considering the digits after the decimal point, the likelihood of the next digit being a 1 is as likely as it is being any...


Angles in 2D shapes

Checkout this worksheet for a nice investigation activity into angle properties of 2D shapes. A nice way of managing this one is to get pupils looking at different 2D shapes and then to share their findings with the class. You can have a whole lesson following where pupils share their angle property findings. For example “what did the people who...


Investigating the sum of interior angles in polygons

See below to download some worksheet resources that lead an investigation into the sum of interior angles in polygons. They are deliberately aimed at higher ability pupils who have the initiative to access the posed questions. If you were to run this investigation with a lower ability group you may like to use the polygon worksheets but to get them...


Investigation of y = mx + c

If you believe in constructivist teaching, aka you are on the same page as Piaget, then you’ll think that rather than telling the kids how the coefficients m and c translate a straight line on a graph, they should work it out for themselves through a structured investigation and self-discovery. Download the worksheets of such an investigation here. The investigation...


Cuboid volume challenge

If you have a 20cm by 20cm piece of paper and you have to use it to make a box, what would be the dimensions of the box with the maximum volume? This worksheet is a take on this traditional old classic lesson idea that combines some good mensuration, nets and calculation work with the spirit of investigation. To extend...