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The iPad Infographic

This past year I’ve found that mentioning any of Apple’s shiny wonder-devices really engages the pupils. It mustn’t be overdone but a couple of examples I’ve used include: Designing questionnaires– imagine you have been asked to design the iPhone 5. You need to design a questionnaire to find out what people want in the next iPhone. Percentage decreases– the Apple...


Dazzle your data handling class with an infographic project

Infographics are: fun, informative, inspiring, thought-provoking, knowledge-enhancing, stimulating and above all, engaging. If you don’t know what an infographic is, it’s the fusion of graphic design, with data handling. An infographic takes some data and turns it into an attractive poster which uses a variety of data representation techniques to communicate the message that emerges from the data. A nice...


2 great ways to start a data handling topic

We’ve all been there. Beginning a data handling topic, trying to motivate the pupils with the importance and power of data. I’ve tried quite a few things over the last year with varying degrees of success. Here are my current top two: Facebook Facts Infographics like the one below are a great way to engage pupils, particularly if they are...