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Flashy Maths and the power of ICT

If you haven’t heard about FlashyMaths.co.uk then you are in for a treat! It features lots of interactive webpage games, on a variety of maths topics. The kids love them and they all provide genuine educational value. Tonight I had one of those ‘why I went into teaching’ moments where one of my pupils who has an FFT ‘prediction’ of...



If you like to keep your finger on the pulse of the latest ICT technologies being used in education then you might like to checkout www.undertenminutes.com The site provides video summaries of the latest tech being used in classrooms that must not be greater than 10 minutes in length. I can’t recommend this site highly enough. Superb.



  Qwiki (www.qwiki.com) is a fabulous website that has a presentation for just about anything. The presentations are dynamic and the site actually reads them out loud to you. I can’t think of a better way of giving pupils a better overview of important mathematicians throughout history. This site stretches a lot further than maths and would be particularly good...


Mathematics in a Flash!

Mathematics in a Flash is a fantastic website for ICT resources to use in computer-room lessons. It features games on a large variety of topics. Their Sequences game is particularly good at engaging a whole class with bit of healthy competition. In addition to the games, another highlight is online ‘mini-tests’ that pupils can enter their answers into online and...


Designer Worksheets… Whatever Next?

One of my fantastic teaching colleagues introduced me to a new website today:¬†www.WorksheetWorks.com It’s simply brilliant! It creates worksheets for you on a large variety of topics and offers you many options to customise them. For example, if you want a worksheet on adding fractions you can choose whether you want ones with common denominators, different denominators where one is...


Dropbox- making life a whole lot easier

Have you ever lost important photos, music or document files through your computer harddrive or memory stick breaking? If not, are your files at risk from these failures? Do you sometimes want to work on a file that lives on your work computer? If so, doesn’t it get quite challenging after emailing it backwards and forwards a few times to...


Probably the best blogs by maths teachers around the world

There are some really great blogs out there written by maths teachers who really care about their practice. I enjoy reading their posts as they share their insight and ideas and think about how it could improve my own teaching. There is wheat and there is chaff out there. To save you time in separating the two, I have compiled...