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Are mini-whiteboards the ultimate teaching and learning resource?

There are no shortage of resources out there to give a teacher some feedback on what pupils have learned. Assessment for Learning (AfL) is without doubt a good thing, but there are good and bad ways to go about it. The array of technological options to conduct AfL is bewildering. Services like www.polleverywhere.com allow you to set up multiple choice...


Meetings.io amazing free video chat without the need to sign up!

There are so many great social networks and other web services out there to help us all connect but the really annoying thing is that not one of them has all your friends and family on. Many of my teaching friends are on Twitter and Google+ and school friends on Facebook. Some of my family are not on social networks...


If Facebook and Twitter had a baby they’d call it… Google +

  One of the really great things about blogging is the community feeling and the sharing of ideas between people with like-minds to your own. I regularly use Twitter and have built up a great network of people to follow who work in education and share similar passions to myself. I do often feel like it would be great to...