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Benoit Mandelbrot talking about fractals in the real world

Ever heard of the Mandelbrot Set? It’s a famous fractal discovered by Benoit Mandelbrot, the father of Fractal Geometry. In this fascintating TED talk he explains his Theory of Roughness and how fractals can be found all around us in: cauliflowers, the stock market, mountainous landscapes and much more… Fractals and the Art of Roughness ;

Sierpinski’s Triangle- fun with fractals

Today two of my classes made Sierpinski Triangles, the famous fractals, and then linked the whole class set of creations together to form a bigger Sierpinski Triangle. Check out these pictures:   It was a lovely way to spend an end-of-term maths lesson. Why not give it a go for yourself?! Download the Sierpinski’s Triangle resources from this website.