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Flash Maths doesn’t disappoint

@StudyMaths shared an excellent website with me via Twitter recently: FlashMaths.co.uk This site adds to the growing number of websites providing interactive games and learning applets based on Adobe Flash. Other favourites of mine include FlashyMaths.co.uk and TeacherLed.com. Flash Maths is a worthy addition and well worth bookmarking. They have numerous applets that are well designed and add a little...


Angle fact flashcards (including circle theorems)

How often do your pupils calculate the answer to an angle fact question correctly, but then don’t get the mark for the ‘give a reason for your answer‘ question? Rather than ‘alternate angles are equal‘ they write any manner of things such as ‘it is a z shape and so the angles are the same‘. Since ‘z angles‘ is no...


Mathematics in a Flash!

Mathematics in a Flash is a fantastic website for ICT resources to use in computer-room lessons. It features games on a large variety of topics. Their Sequences game is particularly good at engaging a whole class with bit of healthy competition. In addition to the games, another highlight is online ‘mini-tests’ that pupils can enter their answers into online and...