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Student response to teacher feedback

Students responding to the feedback we give them is an important part of the ‘feedback loop’ and something I’ve often found challenging to get going well with classes. This year I’m trying to be much more specific about my expectations by giving students the following place mat explaining the tasks I expect them to complete in responding to my feedback:...


Marking comments- where do yours fit in this matrix?

Here is a matrix by which you can categorise the comments you give when marking: Make a tally chart with each of the six categories then go through a few pupils’ exercise books looking at your comments, considering which category they fit in and then add the tally to your chart. Positive- specific and positive- developmentalĀ are the two types of...


Going through the praise withdrawal

Is giving lots of praise counter-productive? It seems as though recent research is suggesting so. Too much praise apparently can send the message that you are surprised the kids can solve the problems you set them and actually leads to them becoming demotivated. The idea is simple: give strong praise less frequently as it will have more effect. Praise, like...