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Types of number practice colouring fun

Here is a worksheet to give pupils lots of practice on identifying particular types of number. Perfect for a consolidation lesson. If they do it correctly the coloured boxes spell out the word FACTORS, which makes it easier to mark for you 😉 Click here to download the worksheet UPDATE: @StudyMaths has created a brilliant interactive online version of the...

Dancing prime factors

Check out this wonderful animated visualisation for the prime factor form of numbers: click here to view. This super animation was made by the Data Pointed blog.

Target Boards- a good way of revising types of number and more

The idea of target boards has been around for a while now, and every time I bump into a maths AST, target boards are always something they seem to suggest. They are simple and good for revising types of number. Show your pupils a grid of numbers like this: Then say something like “how many multiples of 4 can you...