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Inspiring TED talks about education systems

Here are a collection of my favourite talks about education systems: Ken Robinson: How to escape education death valley Ken Robinson: Ken Robinson says schools kill creativity Ken Robinson: Changing education paradigms Geoffrey Canada: Failing Schools. Enough is enough!  Andreas Schleicher: Use data to build better schools Colin Powell: Kids need structure  Dan Meyer: Math class needs a makeover Rita...


Where good ideas come from

What should this mean for your classroom? What should it mean for your department or even your whole school? One of my PGCE tutors tried collaborative-working-only strategies with a class one year. In the end of year tests they outperformed the class ‘above them in ability’. When asked what she thought made the difference she said talk. It’s all about...


The educational value of creative disobedience

Via the excellent math for love blog I learned about an article written in the Scientific American magazine called The educational value of creative disobedience. The article is a powerful argument against traditional ‘chalk and talk’, direct-instruction teaching methods which it says have been scientifically demonstrated to be less effective than creative, problem solving teaching styles. It argues that traditional...