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There’s a new geometry tool in town and it goes by the name of Robocompass.com. It’s a tool that shows geometrical constructions in a 3D environment, rather than the 2D plan view used by Geogebra, Geometer’s Sketchpad etc. In addition to a wealth of common construction examples, you can program Robocompass to make your own constructions using an easy to...


Triangle constructions tangram

A colleague of mine, Claire Nealon wanted to adapt a resource I made a while ago of a triangle constructions tangram (see previous post). She wanted to make it more accessible for lower attaining students. Claire simplified the constructions so that the triangles are all right angled with side lengths that are Pythagorean Triples. This made the activity more accessible...


Tangram Constructions Fun

A huge thank you to Mr S for this wonderful idea! Make a lesson on triangle constructions much more interesting by getting the pupils to create triangles that form parts of a tangram puzzle that they then go on to solve. Wonderful idea! Click here to download the resource


A kinaesthetic approach to teaching loci

This fantastic teaching idea came from Katie K: Found a really good way of teaching Loci for Kinesthetic learners! Give all students in the class a post-it note with blue tack on the back. Then draw a dot on the whiteboard and get them all to stick their post-its 10 cm away from the dot but not touching each other then...


Curvy Areas- because every maths teacher needs NRich Maths

If you haven’t seen the NRich Maths website where have you been?! It’s a fantastic source of enriching activities. It’s usually my first port of call when I’m looking for ‘something a bit different’ for my own classes. Many of the resources are interactive and look great on the interactive white board. Each month NRich publishes a ‘virtual magazine’ which...


Draw me a rocket! SSS, ASA, SAS constructions task

If you’ve just taught SSS, ASA and SAS triangle constructions and you are looking for a consolidation activity, checkout this ‘draw me a rocket’ compound construction activity. As far as rockets go it’s quite basic but if they get it done first I’m sure they could add some modifications!