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CGP Maths Buster- a superb new learning and revision resource for GCSE maths

CGP Maths Buster CGP are well-known for their excellent GCSE revision guides. Now they’ve taken their offering to a whole new level with GCSE Maths Buster. The £6 DVD ROM for PC & Mac is a comprehensive, interactive revision tool for GCSE maths students featuring: Levelled practice– work your way through the entire maths curriculum ‘levelling up’ to unlock new...


New GCSE textbooks from CGP are A*

CGP have really raised their game recently. Traditionally known for their excellent revision guides, regular readers of Great Maths Teaching Ideas will know how highly I rate their relatively new GCSE MathsTutor product. This DVD-ROM disc that retails for just £3, contains video lessons and worked exam questions for every topic on the maths GCSE. View a demo of MathsTutor...