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Where does pi r squared come from? Beautiful demonstration

Here is something a bit special. It’s an amazing Geogebra applet that shows where the formula for the area of a circle comes from. I’ve had pupils cutting circles into sectors before to perform the same proof, but this interactive applet it first class in showing the concept in a visually stunning way and quickly. Top stuff! Click here to...


Flashy Maths and the power of ICT

If you haven’t heard about FlashyMaths.co.uk then you are in for a treat! It features lots of interactive webpage games, on a variety of maths topics. The kids love them and they all provide genuine educational value. Tonight I had one of those ‘why I went into teaching’ moments where one of my pupils who has an FFT ‘prediction’ of...


Geogebra Applet Central

  In not too long I believe Geogebra will be the leading dynamic algebra/geometry software used in maths education around the world. Whilst it’s competitors, Calibre and Geometer’s Sketchpad are enjoying the major market share, primarily from being first to market, Geogebra is gaining pace rapidly and has many advantages which I am certain will allow it to┬ásupersede┬áthe foregoers in...