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Angles in parallel lines colouring fun

I want to give my current GCSE year 10 class more practice on identifying angles in parallel lines; alternate, corresponding and co-interior. I have put together the following worksheet that gets them to colour each type of angle a particular colour. Please feel free to use it with your own classes if you like it! Download the worksheet by clicking...


Stickman Angles!

I honestly cannot remember when or where this idea came into being but I do think it’s a good one! Check out the worksheet below which features stickmen drawings. The pupils have to measure all the angles in the drawings and then unleash their creative side by producing their own stickman drawings and measuring the angles.


When angles mean the difference between life and death…

Want to show the kids how important angles are? They can be the difference between life and death… The specially chosen angles of the surfaces on the F117 “Nighthawk” jet fighter/bomber make it invisible to radar. It can fly into enemy territory completely undetected by radar all due to it’s angular shape. Image by Chris M0EEG via Flickr Image via...


Properties of quadrilaterals dominoes

There are some excellent resources on the TES website and Properties of Quadrilaterals Dominoes is one of them. Not much explanation needed; just match the shapes to their names and properties in a game of dominoes… The resource was created and published by the www.notjustsums.com website.