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Powerful, diagnostic, games-based AFL- Kahoot!!!

Kahoot is a tremendously useful, free AFL tool I recently came across after a Twitter recommendation. Students can use any web-enabled device (any OS platform) to take part in games-based quizzes. There are thousands of quizzes publicly available, or you can create your own in a simple drag-and-drop editing tool and add to the public pool. There are many maths-based...


The biggest step forward in AFL for years? DiagnosticQuestions.com

Craig Barton has just launched a website that I think may well be the single greatest step forward in AFL in the maths classroom for years. Combined with mini-whiteboards, I think it would be hard to find any better AFL strategy out there. May I introduce www.diagnosticquestions.com. The concept is simple. Create a question-bank of multiple-choice questions, but make them...


Do your kids know what they have to do to get their GCSE target grade?

With Assessment For Learning given great importance these days, informing pupils what they must learn to achieve their target grade should be common practice. There are many resources out there presenting the levelling criteria in many different ways, some turning them into ‘kid-speak’ to make them easier for the pupils to understand. A particularly fantastic set of resources to support...