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Preparing Y11 students for the new 9-1 GCSE exams- meet the WAFF!

Hi everyone! I write to share what we’re doing at Wyvern College this year in the final six months to prepare our Year 11s for the new 9-1 exams. This may or may not be of interest to you. As HOD at Wyvern, I have been very preoccupied with putting this preparation schedule together this year. I think it’s more...


AQA 90 problems to solve- perfect for 9-1 Maths GCSE

AQA have recently released their ’90 problems’ to support teachers in delivering the problem-solving element of the new 9-1 maths GCSE. It’s a rebranding of the 90 problems they released to support the teaching of Further Maths GCSE in 2008. There a number of issues with many of the diagrams on the newer version, so I’ve attached the 2008 version...