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A Prezi for you- 2D shape names

Check out this Prezi I produced showing the names of polygons. What makes Prezi so much better than Powerpoint is the ability to build relationships between pieces of information. After you’ve clicked the ‘play’ button, if you click the ‘circle cross hair’ control in this Prezi you will see that it zooms out and the polygons are arragned in a...


Angles in 2D shapes

Checkout this worksheet for a nice investigation activity into angle properties of 2D shapes. A nice way of managing this one is to get pupils looking at different 2D shapes and then to share their findings with the class. You can have a whole lesson following where pupils share their angle property findings. For example “what did the people who...


What does the cube look like?

I created this worksheet based on a problem on the excellent NRich Maths website. The pupils have to use their skills of visualising 3D shapes to draw patterns on the faces of a cube net after deciphering where they should go by looking at 3D views of the cube. To scaffold the task an actual cube net is also included...