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100 Things Awesome Teachers Do

Number 1 bestseller in the Apple iBookstore Education books and Professional and Technical books sections in March 2012!

What are other people saying about 100 Things Awesome Teachers Do?

“I would heartily recommend this book to any teacher – whatever subject you teach, whether you are new to the profession, or if you are looking for new ideas and a chance to reflect on your existing practices.”
– Craig Barton is an AST from Thornleigh Salesian College, Bolton. He is also the creator of www.mrbartonmaths.com and TES Secondary Maths Adviser. He can be found on Twitter using @TESMaths

“William Emeny’s ‘100 Things Awesome Teachers Do’ is a fantastic book, crammed full of wonderfully unique ideas to engage learners, improve learning and create that buzz about your classroom. The book is separated into 10 key topics, each with 10 innovative ideas. It is thoroughly enjoyable to read and can easily be dipped in and out of as required. As a trainee teacher on the GTP, I have found the ideas Emeny presents invaluable and his passion for teaching shines through in every idea. Every teacher wants to be an awesome teacher; how many of Emeny’s 100 things are you currently doing?”
– Paul Collins, Mathematics Teacher

New to teaching and want some good ideas? Been in teaching a while and looking for some fresh things to try?

100 Things Awesome Teachers Do is like a breaktime chat between teachers who share things they have found work for them. The book is split into 10 sections including, lesson planning, motivation and engagement, learning environment, learning styles, independent learning and more. Each section has 10 ideas for you to try out.

This isn’t a book that focusses how to pull off a single outstanding lesson to please the requirements of a formal lesson observation, although it does help with that! This book is more about getting excellent learning happening in your classroom everyday, day-in day-out. The book is full of tried-and-tested ideas that teachers have learned both from academic research and The University of Life and Experience.

Bursting with ideas about things awesome teachers do, this book should give both newbies and seasoned pros something new to try out!

Available in at the Apple iBookstore, Amazon Kindle Store and many other online eBook retailers.

*Note: 100 Things Awesome Teachers Do is now also available as a paperback from Amazon.

The Maths eBook of Notes and Examples

The Maths eBook of Notes and Examples is a fantastic, free, comprehensive set of revision notes and worked examples for your students. Covering the whole curriculum, this eBook is a single pdf file that can be viewed on computers, tablets and smartphones. The contents page hyperlinks to each section of notes within the eBook, making navigating the file very quick and easy.

The notes were written by Craig Barton, AST, author of the well known www.mrbartonmaths.com. I highly recommend his website as a source of great teaching resources. You can follow Craig on Twitter at @TESMaths. Craig is also the TES Secondary Maths Advisor. His notes are beautifully produced, engaging and with excellent pedagogy. The eBook was compiled by William Emeny of Great Maths Teaching Ideas.

You and your pupils can download the eBook for free at the link below. Your pupils can then have a complete set of notes and worked examples for all maths topics on them all the time on their phones, tablets and computers.

Click here to download the Maths eBook of Notes and Examples

Maths GCSE Revision Wordsearches

Maths GCSE Revision Wordsearches is a free eBook compilation published by Great Maths Teaching Ideas to help pupils revise for the maths GCSE exam.

In addition to finding key maths vocabulary in a wordsearch, pupils also have to describe the meaning of the words and give an example. Great for developing conceptual understanding and knowledge of subject-specific vocabulary, these wordsearches span the whole curriculum.

We used to charge for this eBook; now it’s free!

Click here to download the Maths GCSE Revision Wordsearches