Algebra Resources

Algebraic Fractions

Collecting Like Terms

20 Questions on Collecting Like Terms– a slide containing 20 questions on collecting like terms that gets progressively harder

Pyramid Blocks Collecting Like Terms Easy– a worksheet based on the classic pyramid blocks about collecting like terms

Pyramid Blocks Collecting Like Terms Medium– a worksheet based on the classic pyramid blocks about collecting like terms

Scaffolded Collecting Like Terms Worksheet– a worksheet with a worked example of collecting like terms then 20 questions

Completing the Square


Random Art Coordinates– a fantastic game that combines random numbers with coordinates and a pinch of creativity!

NCETM 3D Coordinates Puzzle– a superb 3D coordinates puzzle created by the NCETM


Bingo Expanding Single Brackets– This Excel file generates the Bingo cards then cycles through the questions. Make sure to enable macros. Another stunning resource from

Expand and Simplify Single Brackets Matching Pairs– a simple matching pairs activity for those ‘expand and simplify’ questions


Brackets– a Flashy Maths game about factorising quadratic expressions


Further Graphs and Functions

Exponential Growth, Dominoes and Skyscrapers– how many dominoes does it take to knock over a skyscraper?

Graph Transformations


Introduction to Algebra

Introducing Algebra Consecutive Numbers Addition Puzzle– a nice puzzle showing how symbols can be used to generalise arithmetic rules in algebra. A great way to start and algebra topic

Linear Equations

Flashy Maths Solving Equations– a real favourite resource of mine. A wonderful applet about using balancing to solve equations. Highly recommended

Multiplying and Dividing Algebraic Terms

Powers and Indices

Proportionality Formulae

Proportionality Formulae Conceptual Card Sort– an activity linking together the main ideas in proportionality formulae. Good for conceptual understanding or consolidation

Quadratic Equations and Graphs

Quadratic Equations Conceptual Card Sort– a card sort that is based around the main conceptual ideas of solving quadratic equations

4 Ways Of Solving Quadratic Equations– a booklet of worked examples showing the 4 ways of solving quadratic equations

Roots Of Quadratic Equations In Factored Form– interactive applet

AFL Quadratics Match Up– a superb card sort activity from the amazing

Sum Products– a lovely starter activity for a lesson on factorising quadratic expressions into double brackets


Nature by Numbers Video– YouTube video showing how the Fibonacci sequence occurs in nature

Mexican Wave Sequences– an activity for engaging a whole class on sequences

Quadratic Sequences, Why Halve The Second Difference?– a slide show explaining why you have to halve the second difference of quadratic sequences to get the coefficient of n^2.

Fibonacci Sequence in Nature– A presentation showing lots of examples of how the Fibonacci Sequence appears in nature

Skyscraper Sequences– a nice twist on identifying patterns from diagrams

Quadratic Sequences Coefficient Explanation– a slideshow explaining why the coefficient of x^2 in a quadratic sequence is equal to half the second difference

Flashy Maths Sequences– a super applet by Flashy Maths about sequences

Simultaneous Equations

Straight Line Intersects Circle Simultaneous Equations Notes– a worked example showing an algebraic solution to finding the coordinates where a line intersects a circle. A homework activity is included too

Straight Line Graphs

Plotting Straight Line Graphs to Investigate the Relationship Between Cricket Chirps and Temperature– one very unusual way to teach plotting straight line graphs and then interpreting them!

Straight line graphs investigation– worksheets to lead an investigation into the effect of m and c in y = mx + c

Effect of m and c coefficients on a graph of y = mx + c– interactive applet


Animal Substitution Top Trumps– a brilliant set of Top Trump cards that are based around simple algebraic substitution. Made by ‘Kez84’ on

Dinosaur Substitution Top Trumps– a brilliant set of Top Trump cards that are based around harder algebraic substitution. Made by ‘Kez84’ on


Trial and Improvement