Preparing Y11 students for the new 9-1 GCSE exams- meet the WAFF!

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  1. Gina Omelasz says:

    We are also using Churchill per week and was wondering do you have any other topic sheets for these papers or the template that I could possibly have?

  2. Matthew says:

    Brilliant, thanks. Really think the weekly papers have massive impact when the kids act on their weaknesses. Any chance you could share your top sheets with Clip numbers on?

  3. I agree, the question by question analysis is so useful and something I did with my own Year 11 class following their mock examination where we used AQA Practice papers set 3 – see

  4. JuJu says:

    Really impressed work. Thanks for sharing. I have in the past mail merged documents linked to QLA from teachers to create ILPs for each student after exams. I have also between a mixture of acquired and put together a similar table linking a resource to each question. Is it possible to discuss the creation of your WAFF so that I can possibly put it all together and create a much richer document for students and parents. Thanks

  5. Dominic Franklin says:

    Hi William – really informative post. Is there any chance you could share the documents you refer to? We are also using Churchill papers at our school.

  6. Vanessa King says:

    Thank you for sharing your excellent practice. Would you be willing to share the excel document you created for generating feedback to your students? It sounds incredibly useful and I don’t have the excel macro skills to create it myself.

  7. David Owens says:

    It is going to be so important this year if mock results are anything to go by is to enable pupils to practice more problem solving techniques. Plus making them empowered to realise that more than ever they may not be able to answer a 5 or 6 mark question fully, but can scavenge around for the odd mark here and there. I noticed that checking errors are even more important than before when marks are a clear 10 or 15 marks below what they had been achieving. Really love the ideas you have set out – very much similar to what we are doing. Reassuring to feel we are on the similar lines to others….

  8. Paul Hammond says:

    Thanks for sharing William – some great ideas here. Are you familiar with PiXL Maths provision including their “Curve” papers and associated resources ?

  9. Sarah Hindhaugh says:

    I’m going to purchase the Churchill papers when we get back this week. We do a similar thing to the WAFF currently but haven’t put Mathswatch clips on yet. Any chance you could share them for the Churchill papers to save me doing them?

  10. Hi everyone,

    A lot of people have written to me requesting the WAFF sheet and the Churchill front covers linked to MathsWatch. The WAFF is very bespoke to Wyvern, but I am certainly happy to share the Churchill-MathsWatch front covers for a fee of £99. Please email me if you are interested. Kind regards, Will

    • Sarah says:

      Thanks Will. Sat and did a couple of papers for the mw clip covers myself and took me about half hour. Your offer was very tempting however, i have to admit the exercise of looking closely at the new papers, mathswatch clips etc was quite interesting and I’ve decided that all of my staff in the department (18 of us!) would actually benefit from doing this process, especially those who currently don’t teach ks4, so I’m going to hand over some department cpd time and get everyone involved in doing it. Thanks for the Churchill idea though, hadn’t seen their new papers!

      • No problem, Shindhaugh and I’m glad you found the idea useful. The new Churchill papers are absolutely brilliant, as is the new MathsWatch. A maths made in heaven?!

        All the best, Will

  11. Steve says:

    Thanks for this. Could you let us know what the grade boundaries you used were for the Edexcel Secure Mocks?

  12. Sarah says:

    Thanks too, would also really appreciate seeing what you did with the grade boundaries. We have pupils doing these exams next. Feeling like there is much unknown!

  13. Robert says:

    Hi William,

    That’s absolutely fascinating. I hope your students appreciate the vast amount of organisation that goes on behind the scenes!

    I love the way you take a data-focused approach to drawing lessons from marking.

    On a related note, I wonder whether your readers/students might be interested in a new article I have written, suggesting a very wide range of approaches (and quick tips) for GCSE maths revision: .

    The idea (even if unreasonably ambitious) was to offer enough different routes out of ‘reviser’s block’ that everybody will find something effective.

    Best wishes,


  14. M Mac says:

    Brilliant ide- and like many others would appreciate if you were happy to share the template with topics linked to maths watch which must have been very time consuming .