Timestables diagnostic tool and adaptive question generator

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6 Responses

  1. Max says:

    This looks great, but when I opened it in Excel (erm 2014?), all I got in the top left box was a single number, not a question, and the instructions said to click “new game” but there was nothing that said “new game”. Any idea what I might be doing wrong? Thanks!

  2. Sarah says:

    This looks amazing. However, just a quick query. Would like to trial this, but I was wondering what do you do if a student can’t answer a question or gives the wrong answer? Will it timeout and go on to the next question? Many thanks for your help. I’m really looking forward to trying this.

    • Sarah says:

      Sorry to pester but does anyone who may have already used this have any ideas?
      Many thanks

      • Jake Britten says:

        Hi Sarah, I personally would let them use a mini-whiteboard to work out the solution. It may take them time, but I believe will help them to learn them over time if they are struggling. You could also then suggest ways of doing it faster mentally, eg with 7 x 8 suggest doing (5 x 8) + (2 x 8).

  3. Peter Whitehead says:

    Very neat. My only suggestion would be to work on the squares of the times to really get into the ones the student is struggling with.