Brainfeed- fantastic educational videos app for kids


I highly recommend you check out the Brainfeed app in the iOS appstore. It is essentially a collection high-quality educational videos about a wide-variety of topics. For example: How does the brain work? Does space go on forever? How can you outrun a cheetah? How big is the ocean? There are mathematically themed videos too.

The strength of the app is the quality of the videos and that you know they will be appropriate for your young learners. Rather than letting your children search on Youtube and potentially come across inappropriate material, you know with the Brainfeed videos that they’ll be entertaining, engaging, educational and appropriate.

They remind me a lot of the TEDEd project; videos I have regularly featured on this blog. Similar to these, the Brainfeed videos are top class!

Here are some sample screenshots:



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  1. The Tutoress says:

    Thanks for recommending Brainfeed. I’ve been thinking of ways to implement apps into my lessons and Brainfeed looks like it could be really useful.

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