Monthly Archive: April 2014

Don Steward’s MEDIAN blog- fantastic isometric/ plans and elevations/ nets resources

Don Steward keeps on churning out his amazing resources! I can’t recommend his blog, MEDIAN, highly enough. If this guy wrote the textbooks/ worksheets/ exams our curriculum would be so much more challenging (in a good way) and mathematically thought-provoking. He’s inspired my own practice a lot. Below are links to three brilliant sets of resources he’s produced recently. Click...

Epic Circles- Numberphile

  Ever heard of Circle Inversion? It’s a bit like a combination of enlargement and reflection, but using circle radii as projection lines. What is it useful for? Pappus Chains… Watch and find out: Epic Circles- Numberphile

Benoit Mandelbrot talking about fractals in the real world

Ever heard of the Mandelbrot Set? It’s a famous fractal discovered by Benoit Mandelbrot, the father of Fractal Geometry. In this fascintating TED talk he explains his Theory of Roughness and how fractals can be found all around us in: cauliflowers, the stock market, mountainous landscapes and much more… Fractals and the Art of Roughness ;

The Difference Between Games-Based Learning and Gamification

A thought -provoking read about the difference between games-based learning and gamification from the Teach Thought blog: The Difference Between Games-Based Learning and Gamification I have experimented with gamification principles myself in recent years and am a big fan of the ideas. James Paul Gee is an authority on the subject and his blog is always worth a read: This...

John Hattie’s Effect Sizes

A balanced, informative article from the Teach Thought blog about John Hattie’s famous work on effect sizes: Hattie’s Index Of Teaching & Learning Strategies: 39 Effect Sizes In Ascending Order