Monthly Archive: March 2014

Leave it all in terms of Pi until the last minute

Today I heard this golden nugget of advice from the most talented maths teacher I’ve ever met… When teaching students to do calculations involving Pi, leave it all in terms of Pi until the very last minute. Rather than the workings for volume of a cylinder of radius 10cm and height 20cm being: Pi X 10^2 = 314.159… 314.159… X...

Take it with a PISA salt?

I’ve recently been exploring the story behind the headlines when it comes to the PISA tests. It’s a story that needs telling as it places some pretty large caveats on any interpretation of the international league tables published by PISA. There are many PISA sceptics who cite such arguments as: The tests are only taken by, and percentages quoted about,...

Angles in parallel lines- FUN

I’ve seen lots of mnemonics for remembering the angles in parallel lines facts; “Cangles, Fangles and Zangles” etc. A student I teach who recently arrived from South Africa told me he’d been taught it as “FUN”. I like 🙂