Self and Peer Assessment scaffolding sheets

“Your work is really neat and pretty”, “You got them all right”, “The last one was wrong”. Not the greatest peer assessment comments to help the learner move on with their work.

I certainly believe self and peer assessment can be brilliant feedback strategies, but like anything else, if done badly there is no point. I saw a suggestion from someone (sorry can’t remember who) on Twitter the other day to give pupils sentence prompts to scaffold their self or peer assessment. I’ve made the following prompt sheets. The idea is you laminate them (maybe reduce to A5 first) and then hand them out whenever you are doing self or peer assessment to help pupils structure their feedback meaningfully.

Self and peer assessment prompt sheets

Click here to download the pdf file.

Let me know how they go.

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  1. Getting these printed double sided and laminated. Looking forward to trying these and putting them forward for use department wide.

    Many thanks,

  1. 29/09/2014

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