The biggest step forward in AFL for years?


Craig Barton has just launched a website that I think may well be the single greatest step forward in AFL in the maths classroom for years. Combined with mini-whiteboards, I think it would be hard to find any better AFL strategy out there. May I introduce

The concept is simple. Create a question-bank of multiple-choice questions, but make them diagnostic by ensuring that the incorrect answers all relate to one of the most common misconceptions on the topic.

Here’s Craig’s explanation:


We can learn a lot from students’ answers.

A may suggest that the student has simply added the two numbers together and has no real concept of how to calculate area.

B is the correct answer.

C may imply that students are confusing the concepts of area and perimeter.

D students selecting this answer may be so used to being told that they need to times base by height and then divide by two when working out the area of a triangle that they now do the same for a rectangle.

The key is that the answers the students give reveal these misconceptions and thus allow you to direct your teaching accordingly. 

Alongside the fantastic concept, what makes so good already is that it is comprehensive. There are over 1400 questions on there already, categorised and waiting for your use. You can select particular ones to form a quiz and even contribute your own.

Highly recommended.

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