Monthly Archive: November 2013

Teaching and Learning Focus 1

Want to regularly share good practice/ ideas/ pedagogy within your department? Whenever I get the time I am going to produce a Teaching and Learning Focus newsletter that curates the best ideas I find. It will be downloadable as a pdf that you can easily email to your colleagues. They will vary in regularity, but hopefully not quality! Without further...

Self and Peer Assessment scaffolding sheets

“Your work is really neat and pretty”, “You got them all right”, “The last one was wrong”. Not the greatest peer assessment comments to help the learner move on with their work. I certainly believe self and peer assessment can be brilliant feedback strategies, but like anything else, if done badly there is no point. I saw a suggestion from... brilliant maths enrichment videos is a website devoted to enrichment maths videos. The quirky, fast-paced style of the presenters is engaging and fun. Whether finding maths deliberately hidden in episodes of The Simpsons or finding the flaw in the Enigma code, Numberphile videos never fail to inspire. Here’s the latest one about shapes/ solids of constant width:

The biggest step forward in AFL for years?

Craig Barton has just launched a website that I think may well be the single greatest step forward in AFL in the maths classroom for years. Combined with mini-whiteboards, I think it would be hard to find any better AFL strategy out there. May I introduce The concept is simple. Create a question-bank of multiple-choice questions, but make them...