Time for a blogging sabbatical

Dear Great Maths Teaching Ideas readers,

In June 2010 I started this blog inspired by some wonderful resources fellow trainee teachers had shared with me. It has been exciting to see the blog grow into such a popular site and to have made so many friends along the way. It now features over 300 posts containing teaching ideas, resources and reflections and is regularly visited by over 1000 teachers a day.

After much deliberation I have taken the decision to have some time off from blogging. Various commitments including a new role as head of maths and all that it entails has led me to deciding to have some time away from posting. Rather than spread myself thinly across many projects I want to really get back to grassroots, throwing myself into my day-to-day teaching and having time to read and reflect on the content other people produce, rather than creating my own. Variety is the spice of life. I think some deep focus on being the best I can be at the coalface for a period of time will make my blogging more interesting and useful when I return to it.

Great Maths Teaching Ideas will stay online, fully searchable for all previous posts. I will stay active on social networks so please do stay in touch via the:

Facebook Page



I will also continue to work with the wonderful TES Maths Panel.

Thanks again for all your support these last three years and I hope to return to blogging with renewed vigour in the future.

Best wishes and happy teaching,


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  1. Sandra D says:

    Good luck in the new role and thanks for the inspiring Blog – one of the best around when looking for something new/different to add to lessons!!

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