Marking comments- where do yours fit in this matrix?

Here is a matrix by which you can categorise the comments you give when marking:


Make a tally chart with each of the six categories then go through a few pupils’ exercise books looking at your comments, considering which category they fit in and then add the tally to your chart.

Positive- specific and positive- developmental are the two types of comment that promote the best learning. How did you score?!

This exercise can be used as an ice-breaker in departmental meetings as a way to begin discussions about effective marking.

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4 Responses

  1. Jane Fairclough says:

    That’s a good idea for a departmental meeting and a different way to monitor and share marking methods. I’m going to make it more relevant to Maths – have you got the original?

  2. I don’t have the original I’m afraid… I just took the picture whilst at a conference last week… If you’d like me to share the maths related one on the site when it’s done I’d be very happy to. 🙂

  3. Tim Buckton says:

    Positive- specific and positive- developmental definitely promote confidence in students and give them a stronger desire to progress.
    Could you let me know when you have completed the Maths specific one – I’d love to share in our department.
    Lovely concept to share – keep up the good work – inspiring others is what it is all about :0)
    Thanks, Tim

  4. Mary Dooms says:

    Throwing this out for discussion: I see a subtle difference between the statements, “You’ve explained the process clearly…” and “I love the adjectives…” I would suggest rephrasing the second statement to, “Your adjectives vividly describe the scene.”

    Do you think the I love stem could be construed as teacher pleasing rather than focusing on the student work?

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