Proofs from The Book- a new blog from Guillermo Bautista


Guillermo Bautista of the well-known Math and Multimedia blog of Geogebra tutorial fame has started a new blog, Proofs from The Book. Here is his description of its vision:

Paul Erdos, one of the most prolific mathematicians of all time accused God of hiding the most elegant proofs for himself in The Book. When he saw a beautiful mathematical proof, he would exclaim “This one’s from The Book.” This inspired me to give this blog the title “Proofs From the Book*.”

Proofs From The Book will celebrate the beauty and elegance of mathematical theorems discussed in school mathematics and their proofs. I made this blog for middle school and high school mathematics students who want to study beyond the formulas. I will explain the theorems and their proofs as clear and as layman as possible — well, hopefully. I will be starting with the most simple and easiest theorems and their proofs but the complexity will increase as we go on. I will discuss proof strategies such as direct and indirect proofs. In addition, I might also discuss proofs in undergraduate mathematics, but only proofs that are accessible to advanced high school mathematics students.

The topics that I will discuss in this blog will include algebra, geometry, trigonometry, number theory, set theory, and elementary calculus.

Certainly one you G&T pupils may be interested in…

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