The eagle-eyed amongst you will have noticed a new link in the Great Maths Teaching Ideas’ menu: GMTI

I follow a lot of bloggers and like to share lots of wonderful things with my readers, but don’t want to put everything I see on the GMTI blog. Whilst I do share other people’s work on here I do like to keep a decent proportion of it my own contributions, rather than just being an aggregator.

I have been sharing links to interesting articles and resources a lot through my Twitter account @Maths_Master, but wanted to make them available to more of our readers. To do this I created the page. This is an aggregation of interesting maths teaching articles, ideas and resources that I find elsewhere on the net. Bookmark the site and add to the comments if you’d like.

The best will still appear on the GMTI blog, but I thought you might be interested in the rest too…

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  1. Rueben says:

    You will acknowledge it when three of the four lights flash around the power button.

    This provides a new level to playing Zuma Atlantis 2.
    Well there are a few places which you could get these and far more.

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