Monthly Archive: May 2013


The eagle-eyed amongst you will have noticed a new link in the Great Maths Teaching Ideas’ menu: GMTI I follow a lot of bloggers and like to share lots of wonderful things with my readers, but don’t want to put everything I see on the GMTI blog. Whilst I do share other people’s work on here I do like...

Decimal line zooming

“Surely 3.12 is a lot bigger than 3.2 because 12 is bigger than 2…!” said one of my students the other day. I do see where students are coming from with this misconception and you can dive into place value and talk about hundredths being smaller than tenths, but another model that I’ve found successful is the “zooming in on...

Infographic of learning theories

Click this link to open a remarkable infographic summarising the main academic theories behind how learning happens. I’d heard of many of these, but I think it is wonderful to see how they are connected.